Thick Client Capture-The-Flag Competition
This month's CTF is made with love by Sajeeb Lohani (sml555_)


A Capture-The-Flag competition consists of a number of challenges to solve. You can solve these by using a number of methods or techniques, with your aim to get a 'flag'.

You! Umm....verses everyone else in the room! Don't worry, you can complete a challenge at the same time as anyone else - you're indirectly vsing them, which is calculated by the number of challenge solves, relfected on the scoreboard.

Once you've solved a challenge, you'll find a string of text. It might look like this: sectalks{ex4mple_fl4g}. To enter the flag into the portal, find the challenge entry box and paste in the full flag.

The challenges are accessible via the portal (register and login!) and can be solved in any order. Usually challenges are easier -> harder as the points amount increases!

It's fun, damnit! Competition isn't everyones thing, and that's okay. Seeing your own progress on the board each month? Now that's cool, and a great way to track progression of skills. You can also re-visit the site outside of meetup hours and complete left over challenges.

This CTF is supported by Privasec, sponsoring the infrastructure costs and prizes!


Site security
Ummm I found a bug in your site/server and you're meant to be securitay. WTF.
Congrats! Now don't be a dick and abuse it! Shoot us an email: [email protected] or approach one of the organisers (Aaron F or Mike M). While we'd prefer you not to actively try attack the site while others are playing, we'd love to hear from anything you find (swag bug bounty program until someone sponsors monetary prizes for bugs).

This software is licenced under the GNU General Public License v3 (GPL-3). The "include/thirdparty/" directory contains third party code. Please read their LICENSE files for information on the software availability and distribution.